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If you’ve been accused of violating criminal law in Lake County, don’t make things more difficult by choosing the wrong criminal attorney in Tavares, FL to defend you — you could risk spending a large portion of your life behind bars, as well as huge legal expenses and a charge on your record. Hiring The Washo Law Firm, P.A. to represent you is the first step in taking back control of your life so you can focus on the future.

With over 10 years of experience battling criminal cases facing every type of felony or misdemeanor, our experienced criminal defense attorneys are always on your side and will go to any means necessary to successfully avoid a harsh criminal penalty or hefty fines.


Arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of marijuana or alcohol? Whether you’re a first- or fourth-time offender, we investigate each case individually and strategize the best plan to move forward with. Loopholes can be found in the case of police officers not following specific sobriety test protocols or failing to read you your Miranda rights. DUI charges also include operating a boat under the influence, driving under the influence of prescription drugs or driving intoxicated if under 21. You need an experienced DUI attorney on your side to represent your best interests both in and outside of court.


Battery can be defined as unwanted touching or intentionally striking someone against his or her own will, resulting in bodily harm. To be charged with battery, one must prove intent and that the defendant performed the act voluntarily. An individual’s body can also be extended to include something that was intimately connected to the victim, including a mobile phone, keys, purse or other items held by that person.

Domestic Violence

If you were arrested on the scene of domestic violence and are faced with charges, our attorneys are prepared to handle your legal dispute. Punishment can include fines, restraining orders, probation, and imprisonment depending upon the specific charge. Hire our skilled battery and domestic violence attorney to help you through this challenging process.

Drug Possession

The severity and nature of drug possession charges will depend on whether the drug is classified as a Schedule I or Schedule V drug, the amount in possession and whether you are suspected of trafficking, distributing, manufacturing or obtaining it fraudulently without a prescription.

Aggravated Assault

In the state of Florida, aggravated assault can be defined as a type of assault involving the use of a deadly weapon or intent to commit a felony. The penalties are severe but it remains a defensible charge with common arguments including the absence of physical injury or self-defense.

Sex Offense

Due to the sensitive and complicated nature of a sex offense charge, hiring a criminal defense attorney is vital to avoiding serious and lifechanging consequences. These offenses can be divided into three categories: lewd and lascivious acts, sexual battery or rape, and illegal sexual activity with a minor (statutory rape).

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The Washo Law Firm, P.A. was founded by attorney Jaimie Washo Spivey, who served as an assistant public defender in addition to assistant state attorney. We believe in aggressively pursuing a positive verdict on behalf of our clients, reviewing each case for signs of violated rights or errors at the time of arrest. Hiring a competent defense attorney is essential for your protection regardless of the nature or degree of the crime.

With experience in both the prosecution and defense side of criminal law, we are uniquely equipped to defend our clients. Achieve the best possible outcome for your case by choosing our criminal law firm to represent you. Contact us for a consultation today! Check out our criminal defense attorney The Villages page to learn more about our additional service areas.

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